The clock is ticking, LOUDER.

Everyone shares the vision but the time for action really is now

The IPCC released a special report Global Warming of 1.5°C this week that discusses the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways. It makes for compelling and also disturbing reading.

The world is currently on a trajectory of a 3°C to 4°C rise in average global temperatures if we do not see drastic changes in the way the global economy uses resources. For Loudspring, that is what the problem of climate change boils down to — the overuse and misuse of certain resources. And it isn’t the use of these resources in some near-future that is the problem. Climate change is no longer a problem of tomorrow, it is a problem of the now. At Loudspring, we are veterans of the climate change battle so we understand the enormity of the challenge and the opportunity for solutions.

Panmao Zhai, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group I, highlighted the realities of global warming for humans today, stating in the special report: “we are already seeing the consequences of 1°C of global warming through more extreme weather, rising sea levels and diminishing Arctic sea ice, among other changes.” The catastrophic weather events around the world today and their increasing frequency are the very real consequences of a 1°C increase in global warming.

If we are feeling the early effects of climate change today, it stands to reason that action needs to be taken today also. Debra Roberts, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group II agrees, stating in the IPCC special report: “the decisions we make today are critical in ensuring a safe and sustainable world for everyone, both now and in the future.”

In the business community, we all understand that national and regional governments can be slow in action. Whereas on the municipal and local or city level, we know that responses to the threats posed by global warming can be much more tangible and ultimately it is citizens who will need to be the change agents the world needs. We know that the kinds of solutions and actions needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C are already underway around the world, and we certainly agree with some who contributed to this recent IPCC report who say that what needs to happen right now is to accelerate these solutions

Acceleration is a word we like at Loudspring. Acceleration is what we do.

Solutions are needed today and many of the companies we are shareholders in are the very solutions the world needs to help solve this problem.

The world will need to be carbon neutral by 2047 if we are to have a 66% chance of limiting warming to 1.5°C according to the IPCC Report. Making buildings, and more broadly cities, smarter and more efficient is a critical aspect of achieving this. Loudspring company Nuuka Solutions provides a technology and service that is directly linked to this challenge. Collecting and analyzing the data streaming from the built environment and creating applications for improved efficiency is a critical aspect of achieving carbon neutrality by 2047.

The goods we buy and sell and how they are manufactured is also a tremendous opportunity for efficiency on the pathway to solving the climate crisis. Enersize’s approach to optimizing industrial compressed air systems ensures that the goods being produced in the factories of the world contain less CO2 emissions.

The amount of carbon emissions from wasted food is another area where technology and business model innovation are coming together to make carbon neutrality of our global food system a very real possibility. ResQ Club is part of this solution, optimizing the consumption of food, enabling everyday consumers to make a purchasing decision with the full knowledge of the fact they are contributing to the solution.

Eagle Filters is operating in the transition of our global energy system. Lower emissions gas-fired electricity is with us today and while the emissions from these plants are lower than burning coal or oil, there is still much room for improvement. Eagle Filter’s provides highly efficient intake air filters to these plants, helping them burn less gas for the same amount of electricity produced. Astoria Energy is one significant customer of Eagle Filters and their own testimonial is proof enough of the impact of this Loudspring company.

It is also becoming more evident that unless consumption of fashion changes dramatically, by 2050 the emissions from this sector is set to surpass that of energy. Reuse and resale of clothing items, and also a reduction in the amount of new clothing produced is another solution and innovation in business that is with us right now. Loudspring’s portfolio holding is delivering a solution that contributes to the journey towards a carbon-neutral future in fashion.

The IPCC special report released this week cannot be seen as just another paper telling the world to step up and pay attention to the challenges in front of us. It is not alarmist to accept that our current trajectory is unsustainable. In fact, it is simply prudent to take a cautious approach to the utilization of the scarce resources of the world.

The climate clock has been ticking for decades now. In the beginning, it was a distant rhythm, almost imperceptible. Today, right now it is shattering weather records and is almost deafening in its presence. At Loudspring, our purpose is to grow companies that save natural resources — the more our companies grow, the more resources they save.

The climate crisis is real and the solutions we grow can and will be part of the difference.

From our experience, we know that a lot of people share our vision. If you are one of these people we encourage you to take this vision forward and stay tuned to hear from us about our upcoming cities conference in Helsinki in late November.