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Digitalisation of buildings

Nuuka Solutions makes building energy use data visible and enables energy efficiency development at properties as a real-time, continuous process. Nuuka’s automatic energy consumption monitoring and reporting systems, delivered as a cloud service, are connected to existing building automation systems. The service typically produces energy savings of 10–30 percent.

Making surplus from food outlets accessible

ResQ Club develops and operates an innovative location-and-time-sensitive market platform that allows consumers to 'rescue' valuable, edible food from being wasted unnecessarily: they purchase portions via the app and retrieve the portions from the provider's venue. This way restaurants, bakeries, hotels, etc. can turn their servings surpluses into an opportunity to earn extra income and attract new clients.


Energy efficiency software for industrial compressed air

Enersize offers energy saving services, with a focus on industrial compressed air systems. Enersize has developed a measurement and data collection system that allows the electricity consumption of industrial compressed air systems to be reduced by as much as 30%.

Breakthrough in industrial water filtration

Sofi Filtration introduces an industrial process water filtering system with operating costs only a fraction of present systems. Sofi Filtration replaces disposable filters and is able to process large quantities of water removing even the finest impurities that are difficult to treat with traditional methods.

Power plant performance efficiency

Eagle Filters provides air filtration solutions that significantly improve the performance of gas fired power plants. By using Eagle Filters, utilities can improve efficiency, availability and capacity of their current power production portfolio.

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