2017 — Merry Christmas!

By Alexander ‘Bigge’ Lidgren

I am writing this letter to you all after departing for a much-needed week off with family and friends over Christmas. At Loudspring, we just announced a strategy update for the coming three years, including a new name and new way of operating; we did a directed share issue, seeing us raise 1.26 MEUR from a great institutional investor; and our new rebranded website got the finishing touches it needed to be finally launched.

Add to this that we just had a great and sold out Sexy Truth Impact event in Helsinki where we brought our companies and a bunch of other people on stage, and you can begin to understand that this has been a few busy months.

And that is how we like it!

As CEO of Loudspring, I am so happy with how our growing team has managed everything that was thrown at them this year. Our Chairman Lassi Noponen has been busy in the US, growing the activities of the LA Office, building relations with both investors and strategic partners to us and our companies, and bringing Antonio Gallizio into the team. Antonio has great knowledge and enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve and he will provide great value to Loudspring moving forward. He also knows how to cook with fire like no one I have ever met. Say hello to him here:

Timo packed up the family and moved to Stockholm to increase our presence in this important Nordic investor market. It is no secret that Sweden is a place where we want to increase knowledge of our share, and having Timo there, as well as our Board Member Thomas Bengtsson, has helped a lot this year. Stay tuned for even more from us in Stockholm in 2018, we are really only just warming up…

Tarja has been solo in Helsinki managing everythging that comes with being a listed company on two markets and having 13 companies where we need info, reporting and communication to go smoothly. Not an easy task and one that is seeing even more regulation as new MAR rules are in place at First North Helsinki and Stockholm. We forced her to get at least one day of sailing with the family, check it out!

Joshua managed to keep the development of our communications moving at full speed, completing a few big releases this year.

‘Under Pressure’ our first ever documentary with one of our portfolio companies was a big highlight and I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. This short film was shot in a very short period of time in China and Lund, and really paints the picture well of why Enersize is so effective and important for Chinese manufacturing:

Joshua also completed the first of our ‘Human Nature’ profiles for the team and our brand ambassador Matti Heikkinen. This is taking the ‘about us’ section you typically see on web pages to the next level! The idea was to go beyond the basics you get from most companies regarding their teams and be taken on a more personal journey into why nature inspires them most. I love to kayak and grow my own vegetables for example; Joshua loves to surf in freezing cold waters; Lassi likes fishing up in the Finnish Archipelago; and Tarja loves to sail fast in Helsinki. Take a look if you have a chance, we are sure you will enjoy it.

This year, my family and I will visit the UK part of our family for Christmas. I hope that you and yours have a fantastic time wherever you will be and weather you celebrate it or not!

The team and I really appreciate all your support and encouragement as we continue our growth.

I look forward to 2018. This is the year we go from being a successful holding company into being a high revenue growth company in our own right, focusing on saving natural resources.

Surely it will not be a year without growth challenges but we will do our best to tackle them head on with enthusiasm, creativity and hard work.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas