A time to reflect on those things which drive you

By Antonio Gallizio

To our shareholders, stakeholders, fans and friends,

It has been a privilege to witness first hand the last twelve months of the Cleantech Invest / Loudspring story.

Coming from the retail investment world, I have had the opportunity to both invest in and intimately follow companies ranging from fashion to real estate (and a lot in between). I cannot overstate my confidence in our position as Loudspring to take advantage of the inevitable shift that is going to take place over the next decade.

As part of the impact investment world, we are privy to a first-class seat of what is to come. Investors slowly starting to realize that there is monetization to be had after traditional industries create waste, consumers start to look for suitable alternatives for their carbon intensive practices, and governments realize the value of a dollar spent on alternatives to traditional contracts.

Markets do not abide by any timeline other than their own, and it is our job to be ready to capitalize in the short term, while being prepared to leap in the long.

The world is changing, and with it there is no question on which side we are on. You can either choose to be left behind, or dictate the motion. During this holiday season, you can start to look back and reflect on those things which drive you.

We sure have.

Happy Holidays from us at Loudspring.