Finnish Reflection. International Impact

By Antonio Gallizio

There must be a marriage between future technologies and current marketability. Having recently had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time both with the team and with our portfolio companies, I am more confident than ever in our ability, not only to drive change today, but to be better positioned than most to capitalize on the future technological innovations that are going to come in the next few decades.

As technology continues to evolve, opportunities that were once inconceivable become practical reality. At Loudspring, our companies successfully operate in an economy that is in transition from being a net consumption economy to one that is circular. The end of lifecycle for one service is just the beginning for another. We can see a tangible example of this with ResQ Club, who’s very business begins where a restaurant would normally turn towards the rubbish bin.

However, this is not the only type of transition that is happening.

Companies like Eagle Filters — into which Loudspring has recently exercised its option to increase ownership — are also a cornerstone of the transitional economy. Eagle Filters allows us to use our current infrastructure to generate more net power using less fossil fuels. Technologies like these which are often overlooked by both venture investors and the media are critical if the world is to limit greenhouse gas emissions to what would result in a two-degree warming scenario.

Innovation coupled with action is what will see the world reach its environmental goals. Loudspring operates in a marketplace where the main rival is complacency, the nature of our technologies is that they disrupt the current marketplace. Therefore, our acceptance of a new status quo — even if that is the adoption of our tech — would be hypocritical to the very ideals that have allowed us to be successful in the past. We must therefore be constantly on the lookout for what is to come.

Having the chance to get up and speak at The Sexy Truth Impact during my stay in Helsinki, I experienced first-hand the commitment of our shareholders to do more than simply watch their stock grow, but to be actively involved in what is going on. I met a number of really great people at this event who I am very proud to be working for through Loudspring.

I am also excited to re-affirm the commitment from Loudspring to adopt an international approach to its portfolio. Bringing our technologies to Africa (Nocart) or China (Enersize); the greatest net impact occurs when we are open to going to those places where the technology is needed the most.