Loudspring is ideas and capital at work

By Lassi Noponen

2017 has been a year of positive transition for us at Loudspring. Looking back on the year that was, it really is remarkable how much the team and our portfolio companies have been able to get done, and to such a high standard too. I think it is important to reflect on progress from time-to-time and savor some of the victories as well as better understand some of the defeats.

We started the year as Cleantech Invest, a company with portfolio revenue growth continuing and optimism high. We now finish the year as Loudspring, a company with a new strategic vision and every reason for continued optimism into the future! We have been pioneers in our sector and during the last few years we have seen an avalanche of investor interest into this sector.

This provides a solid platform for Loudspring’s growth.

We are building businesses that save natural resources and we believe that some of these new industries will be the future ‘blue chips’ of the stock exchanges. It could be said that growth and prosperity really come from combining two things: ideas and capital. Loudspring is full of ideas in the form of technology, business ideas, concepts etc. When we combine these ideas with capital we see outcomes like Nocart in Africa, Nuuka seeing more and more buildings use their software, ResQ Club sell even more meals through their app. The stock market has rewarded us, with our share going up 55% this year. After our IPO back in 2014 our annual share price appreciation has been approximately 50% on average, making Loudspring one of the best performing shares in the Helsinki and Stockholm stock exchanges. Past performance is not a guarantee of future success, but the team is committed to do its best to allow Loudspring to continue on the growth trajectory into the future.

We are building businesses that save natural resources and we believe that some of these new industries will be the future ‘blue chips’ of the stock exchanges. To fuel the growth, we need capital, and during the year we have raised some capital in directed share issues and we are pleased to have been able to welcome more and more institutional investors to our shareholder base.

Loudspring’s main contribution is our team’s business development work but we do need also new capital to grow our companies, even if we have been very effective in deployment of capital. We always try to raise capital at a higher price per share so that shareholders would feel that it is better to become a Loudspring shareholder sooner rather than later. We have almost flawlessly managed to do that and while we don’t control the market we will continue to pursue that strategy to the best of our ability.

Communications is also a big focus of ours and we want to be the most transparent company there is. Our companies do cool stuff and we want to share that with all of our shareholders and followers. We don’t share good news or results from our companies to gloat or brag, but rather to inspire more investors and stakeholders to look at us, and also give our existing shareholders something to tell their friends about at Christmas parties.

But in all seriousness. Transparency and truth are so important in a world awash with ‘fake-news’ and hype. We communicate the way we do because we don’t think we should be quiet about the seriousness of the challenges the Earth’s ecosystems face and the importance of growing companies that save natural resources.

We should be loud and proud of it. And so too should all of our shareholders!

We are building a global company and this year we also saw a new face join our core team. Antonio Gallizio has been a great colleague to me in LA, and he will make a great addition to our global efforts. His primary focus is the US, but like the rest of us in the team, he will work across geographic locations to help Loudspring grow and thrive. His efforts have brought in new investors in us, as well as increased our reach into the US market. He even braved the cold, dark, winter weather in Helsinki to join us for the Sexy Truth Impact.

As someone from Finland and a life-long fan of cross country skiing, I was really happy to welcome Loudspring’s first ever brand ambassador Matti Heikkinen to the team. For those of you who don’t know Matti, he is a Finnish Cross Country Skiing World Champion who has also been a shareholder in us for some time. Matti is a hero to many in Finland and the broader cross country skiing scene, and we are confident that through this brand ambassadorship with us he will become an environmental and investment hero for many. We are looking forward to the Winter Olympics in South Korea coming up soon and wish him the best of luck. We will keep you posted and hope that Matti shares something every now and then that will inspire you to get outside and enjoy nature.

It gives me great pride as Chairman of Loudspring to see us evolve as a company. Our new strategic outlook is bold but it is based on long experience in developing business in our sector and lessons learned. But we have always been ambitious as a company, investing in teams and ideas that the mainstream failed to notice, and leveraging our combined experiences and resources to help them grow and conquer markets. We have made some mistakes but all in all we have done well, and this year has seen some rapid growth for a number of our companies, which has been reflected in our share price, and in positive shareholder sentiment.

Through this period of growth and change for Loudspring, we have also seen the number of shareholders investing in us grow to over 5000, as well as adding many highly reputable institutional investors to our shareholder register. The importance of this growth in shareholder numbers cannot be understated, neither its impact undervalued. Without shareholders putting their trust and money into the work we do, we are powerless. So thank you, from myself and all of us at Loudspring for your faith in our work and impact.

Being bold is in our nature at Loudspring and our actions will always speak louder than words.

We often say that investing in us is investing on the right side of history. Now that our strategy update has been shared with you all and our efforts continue to be reflected in the increased value of our share this year, you can say that the sentiment of ‘investing on the right side of history’ is more than just words.

We firmly believe that, as an investment ideal, it is a good idea to become a Loudspring shareholder sooner rather than later.

Being bold is in our nature at Loudspring and our actions will always speak louder than words.