Cleantech Invest joins investment rounds in portfolio companies Sofi Filtration and Aurelia Turbines


Cleantech Invest makes a follow-on investment in portfolio companies Sofi Filtration and Aurelia Turbines as they successfully close investment rounds.

Cleantech Invest has joined the rounds and increased its ownership to 23.1% in Sofi Filtration and 4% in Aurelia Turbines.  Other investors have also participated in the investment rounds of both companies.

Sofi Filtration has developed a self-cleaning filter that is able to treat large streams of water containing fine particle contamination, which are difficult to treat with traditional methods. The solution is fully automatic and since no change of filters is needed, the manual labour need is minimal. The solution has been successfully delivered to the mining industry and tests in energy industry with paying customers show very good results.  

Sofi Filtration has introduced an option program as part of the financing round and when the option dilution is taken into account Cleantech Invest's ownership in Sofi Filtration increases to 23.1% (previous 22%).

Aurelia Turbines is transforming distributed energy generation by launching highly efficient gas turbines. After successful development and extensive communication with the target market, the company is now progressing towards final testing of the product and customer deployment.  

Cleantech Invest increases its ownership in Aurelia from 3.6 to 4%.

Alexander Lidgren, Managing Director at Cleantech Invest: "Sofi Filtration has found its star applications in mining and energy production. The company is already delivering its solutions to key target customers and is in a good position to grow.   Aurelia Turbines has a superb team in place, a highly promising technology and a very deliberate plan on how to make the company a success. The company develops according to that plan which is very impressive.

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Cleantech Invest in brief
Cleantech Invest focuses on clean energy and efficient use of natural resources. The company owns minorities in a diversified portfolio of companies and is actively looking for new capital light and high impact businesses within the cleantech universe. Cleantech Invest invests in the most promising early-stage and growth cleantech companies in Finland, Sweden and in the Baltic Sea area. The company management team members are international pioneers in cleantech investing. Cleantech Invest is also a designated Accelerator in the Vigo Program initiated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.