Eagle Filters has started mass production of FFP2 and FFP3 efficiency level respirators in Kotka

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On April 29, 2020, Loudspring Oyj announced that its subsidiary Eagle Filters Oy will start manufacturing respirators, that meet both FFP2 and FFP3 class efficiency, in Finland, and on June 5th that Eagle Filters will also start its own production of melt-blown material for respirators in Finland.

Mass production of respirators has started at Eagle Filters manufacturing plant in Kotka. Eagle Filters product range covers respirators that meet both FFP2 and FFP3 class efficiency, with and without a valve. Initial focus is in the production of FFP3 efficiency level respirators that are in highest demand on the market.

In the first phase, the target capacity is 30 000 respirators per day and Eagle Filters is considering a significant increase in the production capacity.

Eagle Filter respirators have passed the demanding FFP3 -level efficiency tests at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and are undergoing COVID-19 certification which is expected in a few weeks. COVID-19 certification enables the use of respirators in healthcare. Eagle Filters will also apply for the CE certification for its respirators but estimates that it will take longer to obtain it than COVID-19 certification.

Production of melt-blown material is expected to start during the upcoming weeks. CEO, Juha Kariluoto, Eagle Filters: “FFP2- and FFP3 efficiency level respirators are very demanding products and I am happy with our relatively smooth ramp up of our own production. We will continue to develop our product properties and our own melt-blown production as well as in-house testing capacity will give us an excellent platform to be competitive on the world market in the long run”  There is always a risk of delay in starting and scaling new production and new products must pass the required tests to start deliveries. In the current market situation, the certification of products in an authorized laboratory may take longer than normally.


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