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09.05.2018, 08:30 (EEST)

Loudspring has entered into a contract with Inderes to undertake a detailed analysis of the Loudspring portfolio of companies. The analysts from Inderes will be conducting their work with Loudspring and its portfolio companies over the coming weeks.

Loudspring CEO Lassi Noponen:

“We want to increase the transparency of our business portfolio and increase awareness about Loudspring among the investor community. We look forward to Inderes analysis increasing investors understanding of the business fundamentals and outlook of our core portfolio companies. Companies that save natural resources across a number of industry verticals is where we think a lot of value can be created for shareholders and we look forward to having Inderes make their own assessment."

"Our decision to choose Inderes for this task comes down to a number of things: we think they offer a quality service; they are trusted and well-respected in the Nordics; and they are active and innovative communicators to the market themselves.”

Mikael Rautanen, co-founder and CEO of Inderes: "We are happy to welcome Loudspring to our coverage of more than 100 listed companies in Helsinki stock exchange. We are committed to providing high quality and timely research reporting for the investor community and shareholders of Loudspring. All investors are welcome to access our research and engage with our analysts."

Loudspring is committed to working with Inderes to ensure the clearest possible picture of the Loudspring portfolio companies is provided to our shareholders. The nature of Loudspring’s businesses require that communication travel upwards from our minority owned portfolio companies. Each individual portfolio company is free to communicate as per their own individual disclosure requirements. Over the next year we will continue to work with our portfolio to continue providing consistent and relevant information and through this partnership with Inderes we hope this will be improved.

The coverage initiation report will be freely available at the time of publication at Loudspring’s investor relations website and at (in Finnish) and (in English). The results of the analysis will also be distributed widely through other Loudspring communications channels.

Loudspring in brief

Loudspring is a company group focused on saving natural resources, with offices in the Nordics and California. The Loudspring companies are active on global markets in five sectors: energy, real estate, fashion, food and manufacturing. Loudspring management consists of company builders combining positive environmental impact with business for over a decade.

The company group is listed on First North Finland under the ticker LOUD and on First North Stockholm under the ticker LOUDS.


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