Loudspring Releases Environmental Impact Report: 1€ portfolio company revenue = 8 kg of CO2 and 0.8 m3 of water saved

Press release

Loudspring has calculated the carbon and water impact of a select group of its portfolio for the second year. The results show that a total of 157 969 ton CO2 emissions were avoided, and 13 726 983 m3 of water was saved through products or services sold by the portfolio in 2017.

Results were derived using data from six of their main holdings: Eagle Filters, Swap.com, ResQ Club, Sofi Filtration, Enersize and Nuuka Solutions.

Eagle Filters (filtration for intake air in natural gas power plants) was the best performing holding for CO2 and overall impact this year, reporting 121 510 tons CO2 and 149 563 m3 of water saved. Eagle’s filtration technology keeps gas turbine blades cleaner, thereby increasing their efficiency - less gas is then needed to produce the same amount of electricity, which in turn means less carbon per unit of electricity. Eagle Filters is located in Kotka, and an interesting finding is that the company saved significantly more carbon from putting their filters to use than all the inhabitants in the entire city of Kotka emitted during the year (approximately 121 000 ton saved by Eagle Filters vs 104 000 ton carbon emissions if you sum up the per capita emissions in Kotka).

The positive environmental impact of Sofi Filtration was the highest for water savings of the portfolio companies. Sofi Filtration’s self-cleaning filters clean water to such a level that water can be reused for industrial applications, and that same amount of new water does then not have to be taken from our lakes and rivers.

Total water savings attributed to Sofi Filtration’s technology were 437 000 m3, which is a dramatic increase on 2016 levels of 253 000 m3 and is due mainly to their progress on the market.

The total positive impact for Loudspring and its portfolio companies was 157 969 ton CO2 and 13 726 983 m3 water savings.

The CO2 savings are the same as 28 979 Swedes emit in one year.

The water savings are equal to 5 491 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or the same amount of water as is used by 106 841 Swedish households in a year.

The most important take-away for Loudspring is that as their companies grow their revenues (combined un-audited revenue of the portfolio grew by 77% during 2017), so does the positive impact they have on our planet and society.

The full impact results from Loudspring can be viewed here on their website.

Loudspring in brief

Loudspring is a company group focused on saving natural resources, with offices in the Nordics and California. The Loudspring companies are active on global markets in five sectors: energy, real estate, fashion, food and manufacturing. Loudspring management consists of company builders combining positive environmental impact with business for over a decade.

The company group is listed on First North Finland under the ticker LOUD and on First North Stockholm under the ticker LOUDS.


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