Nocart confirms 35 MW waste-to-energy plant deal in Kenya

Press release

Nocart’s 35 MW waste-to-energy plant deal in Kenya has been confirmed.

Nocart has previously signed a sales contract for the delivery of a waste-to-energy plant but the advancement of the project has been awaiting completion of the buyer’s permitting processes and PPA-contract process. The purchase price of the plant is 62 MEUR. In addition, Nocart is involved in the project as a co-owner (35%) of the founded IPP (Independent Power Producer) power plant company. The IPP company has a 20-year contract for selling electricity to Kenya’s national grid.

 For more information about this news from Nocart, please follow this link to their press release here.

Loudspring in brief

Loudspring is a company group focused on saving natural resources, with offices in the Nordics and California. The Loudspring companies are active on global markets in five sectors: energy, real estate, fashion, food and manufacturing. Loudspring management consists of company builders combining positive environmental impact with business for over a decade.

The company group is listed on First North Finland under the ticker LOUD and on First North Stockholm under the ticker LOUDS.


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