One1 launches distributed energy sales in cooperation with utilities


Lahti Energia Oy and Pori Energia Oy have entered into an agreement with One1, a portfolio company of Cleantech Invest, over cooperation in distributed energy sales in Finland and around the Baltic Sea region. As a part of the cooperation the utilities will finance One1’s business development and also upcoming energy projects.

One1 specializes in renewable distributed energy and regional energy and efficiency solutions. The company’s solutions are sustainable and combine different sources of energy such as heat pumps, solar energy and bio energy in creative ways. One1 has developed and implemented these kinds of hybrid solutions for multiple energy companies and municipalities in varied regions and real estate properties.

— Cooperation with Lahti Energia and Pori Energia will give One1 an excellent opportunity to expand into energy sales. Bringing together Lahti Energia’s and Pori Energia’s customer base and financing abilities with One1’s know-how and experience with distributed energy creates a possibility for fast growth, says One1 CEO Mika Kallio.

— Distributed and hybrid energy systems that utilize local energy sources are emerging alongside centralized energy production. In these regional projects our cooperation with One1 brings value and service capabilities to customers, says Lahti Energia CEO Eero Seesvaara of the forthcoming collaboration.

— Energy companies and One1 already have joint projects, and we have identified renewable distributed energy solutions as an interesting area for growth. Together with One1 we are able to expand our activities within the field of distributed energy, comments Pori Energia’s CEO Matti Rintanen.


Further information:
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