Suurimmat osakkeenomistajat

Updated 24.1.2020

The total number of Loudspring Plc.’s shares 27,501,832 out of which 4,304,031 shares in class K and 23,197,801 shares in class A. Class A shares have one vote at shareholders’ meetings and class K shares each have 20 votes at shareholders’ meetings. In addition, there are options that give a right to subscribe 2,199,543 Series K shares and options that give a right to subscribe 846,000 series A-shares. Considering the dilution effect of the said stock options, the fully-diluted number of shares amount to 30,547,375, divided into 6,503,574 class K shares and 24,043,801 class A shares.

Recent changes in inside ownership can be seen from company releases (managerial transactions) from