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Growing revenues while saving natural resources

We operate on markets undergoing a revolution due to competition for resources, infrastructure overload, socio-economic change and decreasing cost of key technologies.

Our companies are high impact, capital light, and scalable. We share their journey to success and try to help accelerate it. As a shareholder, so do you.

A growth portfolio with distributed risk

Our goal is to grow profitable, competitive companies that save natural resources.

We invest early, but since we have been doing this for a few years, our current portfolio is in different stages of development. Some have multi-million euro revenues and are already on high growth paths, while some are just entering the commercialization stage. The companies act across different market segments, which spreads the sector risk.

A strong team with complementary backgrounds

We have raised more than €180 million in financing for companies, successfully exited investments as well as own companies, assisted Finland’s largest institutional investors in making total investments of more than €100 million in the cleantech business. 

Our educational backgrounds are a mixture of law, business, technology, communications and envrionmental science.

News and releases

We are committed to communicating transparently with our stakeholders. We strive to give a clear picture of the company’s operation, operating environment, strategy, goals, and financial performance.

Our press releases and our newsletters aim to give an overview of how we are doing in between financial reporting dates.